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Here, Moss Mountain Coop will post updates of our latest featured artists each week. This is a sort of - get to know the artist - page and I hope that by giving you all a look inside what each local artist is doing you will get to know Sticks and Stones Farm, local art, and the artists who share their stories with me a little better.

Stay tuned for our very first featured artist!

About Moss Mountain Coop:

We are very pleased to announce the newest addition to the Sticks and Stone’s family, Moss Mountain Cooperative! Since there are so many wonderful and talented artists, musicians, teachers, dreamers, and individuals moving through Sticks and Stones Farm, we have decided to create a space for them to sell their creations! YES FINALLY! Am I right? In the future we hope to expand to sell products online, host vendor/artist centered events, and create collaborative projects with all artists involved!

If you are interested in showing your work here at Sticks and Stones Farm please email Emily Strait at with a detailed inventory of what you plan on bringing along!

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