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DIY Moss Garden

The first step in growing your own moss garden is to get your soil pH tested. This can be done for free through your local extension office or by purchasing a simple soil testing kit. Moss requires acidic soil ideally between 5 and 6.  We only sell and install moss in favorable environments otherwise successful transplanting is unlikely! 

If you need to lower the pH of your soil the best materials to acidify are:

1) aluminum sulfate, (2) ferrous sulfate, or (3) sulfur. Apply these in the spring or summer after the ground has warmed up. If you have a shady grassy area you want to mossify simply add acidic material and keep grass weeded out. Growing moss is a slow and meditative process!

To Change pH

8.0 to 5.5

7.5 to 5.5 

7.0 to 5.5

6.5 to 5.5 

6.5 to 5.0

Once you've amended your soil to the proper acidity try the following:

Drying- dry and crumble moss plants into a powder, then spread this thinly and evenly on bare, moist soil. Keep the soil moist until you see moss become established

Beer- take a can of any brand beer and dissolve two cubes of sugar along with a handful of moss. Mix together and pour over the soil keep moist with water until moss established

Liquid manure - Combine crumbled moss, water and manure and spray over moist, bare soil. Keep the soil moist

Transplanting- If you just cannot WAIT for the moss to grow (we know the feeling) contact for moss sales

Thanks to David E. Benner and his book Gardening with Moss - The Lawn of the Future for his love and tireless work in moss cultivation 

Pounds of material needed per 100 sq feet

Aluminum sulfate ~ Ferrous sulfate ~ Sulfur

13.5.                              25.9                        5.5

11.5                               23.5                          5.0

9.0                               16.5                          3.5

6.5                                11.8                          2.5

10.5                             18.8                         4.0

Celine Currier
for moss Sales

203 885 2076

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