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Sticks and Stones Farm is a supplier of Native Materials to be used in creating unique garden environments. Included in the farm's 60 acres , there are a variety of microclimates, from wetlands and beaver ponds, to upland ledges and hillsides clothed in Mountain Laurel. With that diversity, we have been able to supply a wide range of offerings to our customers.



If you need direct assistance with a moss or stone order please call

Celine Currier at 203 885 2076


Tim Currier at  808-640-5540


  • Hand collected, weathered stone for garden pools and waterfalls.

  • Large standing stones, and slabs of natural granite for tables, benches, steps, or terraces.

  • Hand carved stones for bird baths or troughs.

  • Moss Soil: A screened soil with a low pH, that has been collected from areas with high moss concentrations. This is the perfect medium for growing moss plugs. It's content is also quite high in moss spores. One 40 lb bag will cover 15 sq. ft. For best results, use in a shady area with ample moisture.

  • Moss is also available by the tray or in planters in combination with other various plants in any arrangement.

  • Ferns and woodland flowers.

  • On site planting available.

Our Moss Species:

Dicranella Heteromalla: A rapid colonizer of disturbed woodland soil in shade. Great for use as plugs.

Hypnum Imponens: A mat forming moss that looks like a collection of little ferns. A shade loving moss, that will slowly cover rocks, fallen logs, and soil.

Climacium Dendroides: A wetland moss that grows like small trees. Best grown on the edge of streams or ponds.

Dicranum Scoparium: Also known as 'The Broom Moss' this forms a thick mat in the woodland, prefers deep shade to dappled light.

Mountain Laurel and Moss
Spring Moss
Beautiful Lush Moss
Sticks & Stones May 2016
Moss in Autumn
Moss at Sticks
Sticks and Stones
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