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Moss Sales

Moss and Stones

Moss Pricing

We sell moss for $30/tray and a tray runs just shy of two square feet 11'x19" coverage.

We make trays up to order so pre-ordering is essential. Discounts available on mass plantings. We can have moss orders available for pick up with seven day notice as well as doing delivery and install ourselves. We also sell acidic moss soil inoculated with moss spore to help get you started on your moss journey. 

Mossy Stone

Our 60 acres are filled with moss and lichen covered boulders ranging in all sizes with price points from $25 to $2,500 plus. If you want to add feature stone to your garden contact us for an appointment and we can walk you through the property or come and take a self guided tour. If you find a stone you love (or a stone finds you!) get in touch with us to discuss pricing, moving and install services. 


Dry Stack Stone Walls

Have you noticed the seemingly endless stone walls snaking through Connecticut? A long standing New England tradition are dry stacked stone walls, heralding back to British, Irish, and Scottish tradition. If you have an old house with a crumbling wall consider staying true to tradition and having the wall restacked in the old way, with no cement. Instead a mason will pull the wall apart and then using the original stone rebuild the wall fitting each individual stone in the space it's meant to be. Walls can also be built in new spaces and we have the stone for these projects! Dry stacked walls will outlast cement and keep the New England stone wall tradition alive. 

 We know the people doing top quality work in this area so be sure to reach out to us! 

Moss Removal

Not a fan of your moss? Before you kill it let us come and remove it for you! We'll plant grass seed suitable for your space and save you the hassle of getting rid of stubborn moss. Your moss will be transplanted into our ever growing moss farm. 

Let’s Work Together

For moss sales or removal contact Celine Currier directly       203 885 2076

Or through the message form below!

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