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Moss Mountain Art Director: Emily Strait

Emily Strait was born in 1990 in Newtown, CT; Emily is an insightful artist and designer with a passion for helping small enterprises find success. In 2010 she moved from Connecticut to Colorado to pursue her Bachelors in Design Management (Major in Web, Minor in Graphic Design). She graduated with “Best Portfolio” in June of 2014. She now lives and works in CT spending her time painting, creating, and freelance designing.

“My style of fine art incorporates abstract environments, whimsical anthropomorphic characters - often with contemplative gazes and provocative body language - into a magical world which sheds light on human’s struggle and its connection with botanics and creatures alike. These figures often express my own connection with nature, spirituality and beauty. They often reflect the emotions of my personal trials and tribulations.”

Her fine art, including mixed media and jewelry design have been featured in several galleries in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver. These galleries include Conari Arts Collective, Denver Art Society, Kalletechnis Gallery, Flora Living Boutique, and Praxis Art Collective. When she is not pursuing gallery space Emily takes to the streets, local venues, events and social media to generate public support. Most importantly she spends her time creating new characters for the world to see.

Emily’s education, skill, and ambition as a designer, fine artist, and business manager have given her a well rounded root in the ground to help move her own and others ideas into fruition. With her passion for art, sustainable design, and user centered solutions she hopes to continue working with small businesses, individuals, other artists and any entity which calls out to her.

You can contact Emily Strait via Facebook @ Emily Strait or email her @

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