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Friends of the Farm

Here at Sticks and Stones Farm we are thrilled to host a collective of non-profits and outside groups using the land to carry out their individual missions! If you want to get involved or sign up for their programming head on to their websites!

Two Coyotes Wilderness School

TCWS was founded in 2000. They are a non-profit nature mentoring organization that connects people to nature, community, and self. If you're interested in learning about the children summer camps or homeschool programs visit them at

Rowanwood Farm is Connecticut's only USDA licensed and approved llama hiking adventure company! Aj's mini llamas are part of her family and she is always looking for new and exciting ways to share them with others. If you want to more about going on a healing llama walk visit 


Rowanwood Farm

Connecticut Death Collective 

The CTDC is a local community for death positive individuals to connect and communicate about death, dying, and burial in Connecticut. We want to create a platform that allows for easy access to information and support the development of strong community networks. Our in person events are listed on the Sticks and Stones Farm event site. Connect with us directly collective

instagram @ ctdeathcollective


Love Has a Home Here

LHAH was created by Rev. Bill Donaldson as a positive message for change rather than the prolific anti-hate messaging we encounter so often. Through its message, the company intends to generate awareness that in order to see more love in the world, we need to focus on love, not oppose hate.

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