Cabin Rentals


Our cabins are rented out seasonally and are currently open until Halloween.

All new guests must book through Airbnb returning visitors can contact us directly.


We have worked hard to create safe, self-sustaining spaces for our guests to minimize contact with others during your stay. Each rental will have it's own cooking space, toilet and showering facility. Come and enjoy a safe getaway in nature!


This page is for informational purposes only. Please click on the link of the cabin you are interested in and book through Airbnb. Once you book we ask that you keep us updated on your arrival time so that we can be sure to be ready and waiting for you!


We ask that all guests arrive before dark.  Guests arriving after 10pm

will be required to pay an additional $25 late check in fee in cash. 

It’s simple living at its best. We're just over one hour from NYC but local folks love us too. We are an easy, inexpensive "staycation" and many use us frequently as their guest "bedroom" when out of town family or friends come. We offer a unique setting for your summer get-a-way or family reunion.


There is a Rustic Kitchen on the top of the mountain ideally situated between the Pagoda cabin, Mtn. Laurel cabin and Summit cabin. The kitchen has cookware, plates, french press, utensils, a stove, grill, coolers with ice, olive oil, salt/pepper, drinking water and running water! Lighting is limited and provided by LED lanterns - we always encourage people to bring their own additional lighting.

 There are three large designated fire pits on the property. Some cabins also have their own fire pits which is noted in their individual descriptions. Fires are not allowed to be made in undesignated places! Only YOU can prevent forest fires! Fire wood is available at $5 per bundle but you are also welcome to bring your own. Please Note per Connecticut state law - firewood cannot be brought in from out of the state. 

Upon arrival we will provide you with a map and your own cooler with ice. We restock ice and other goods daily and thus try to make ourselves as available and accommodating to changing needs as possible - we are are on the property 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

 Important Things to Note

- We are a drug and alcohol free property!

-Verizon wireless is the only network to have service throughout the property. Nearly all other providers have service on the top of the mountain where the majority of our cabins are located. 

-Dogs are not allowed in the cabins.


-Please be advised that we are not solely a Bed and Breakfast; we are a retreat center and while we aim to accommodate you as best as possible, there are sometimes other events going on that may affect your stay. We recommend you check our calendar of events prior to booking. 

-There are five outdoor showers, one is located near the stone barn, two are located near the Rustic Kitchen area and two are located near the Solar and Log cabin. 

- Outhouses that are cleaned weekly are located near the Rustic kitchen, Mtn. Laurel cabin, Summit cabin and Pagoda cabin and a two room state of the art composting toilets are shared between the Solar cabin and Log cabin - both a one minute walk away. There is also an outhouse near the Houseboat cabin.

- We have a wilderness camp that runs Monday - Friday from 9am - 3pm : Campers and staff respect the privacy of the cabins but you might see some groups of children building forts of stalking animals through the forest.


- Please be aware that depending on rain fall the property is at risk of drought in the late summer. This can sometimes cause the pond levels to drop making it less scenic for some.

- None of the cabins have electricity except the River House Boat 

- There is a Stop and Shop grocery store located 2.5 miles from the farm and there are many nearby restaurants and points of interest such as hiking trails.