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An Artist, a Healer: Linda Dohanos

Linda Dohanos is 56 years young and creates beautiful ceramic pieces available for purchase in Moss Mountain Coop. Her inspiration is drawn from nature and her spiritual practices, specifically Tao de Jing. She believes

“Art is Sacred Art manifested from inner journeying. Made for healing and to bring beauty into this world.”

She is a professional artist who studied art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her expertise includes a dedicated “20 years as a Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Instructor and Healer, Painter, Sculptor and Ceramic Artist”.

Q: Favorite thing about Sticks and Stones Farm?

A: It’s Beauty.

Q: First Experience at Sticks and Stones Farm:

A: Walking the trails and seeing the beautiful moss gardens.

Linda teaches Tai Chi/Chi Gong and will soon expand to teaching art classes, is involved with monthly women’s days and Sacred Art Journeys. Her Tai Chi classes are offered at the Sticks and Stones on Tuesdays from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

If you would like to know more about Linda and her work you can email her at, visit, or on Facebook at Linda Dohanos or Barnhill Studio.

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