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Sheri Legeret - Designer | Artist | Jewlery

Sheri Legeret has participated in several Sticks and Stones Events, works with many local clients in Newtown, CT and aids in the creation of promotional material for Sticks and Stones Farm. Her company Barefoot Buddha Marketing lent a helping hand in Sticks and Stone's online presence and continues to today. She has several hand made pieces in Moss Mountain Coop including, hand carved wands, crystal pendants, hand painted signs, mirrors, sculptures and much more!


To contact Sheri email her at

Emily Strait - Painter | Moss Mountain Coop Director | Design & Marketing

Emily is an insightful artist and designer with a passion for helping small enterprises find success. In 2010 she moved from Connecticut to Colorado to pursue her Bachelors in Design Management. She graduated with “Best Portfolio” in June of 2014. She now lives and works in CT spending her time painting, designing and working at Sticks and Stones Farm.


“My style of fine art incorporates abstract environments, whimsical anthropomorphic characters - often with contemplative gazes and provocative body language - into a magical world which sheds light on human’s struggle and its connection with botanics and creatures alike. These figures often express my own connection with nature, spirituality and beauty. They often reflect the emotions of my personal trials and tribulations.”


Her fine art, including mixed media and jewelry design have been featured in several galleries in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver. These galleries include Conari Arts Collective, Denver Art Society, Kalletechnis Gallery, Flora Living Boutique, and Praxis Art Collective. When she is not pursuing gallery space Emily takes to the streets, local venues, events and social media to generate public support. Most importantly she spends her time creating new characters for the world to see.


You can contact Emily Strait via Facebook @ Emily Strait or email her @

Linda Dohanos - Sculpture | Painter | Reiki Master

My work is influenced by the Latin American Spiritual art and iconic images. Having lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost ten years and traveling in Mexico several times has been my greatest inspiration. Recently, I have been exploring the idea of the inner workings of the mind and dreamscapes. I use whatever medium that will satisfy to expose my idea. The "gray Matter" is the newest in the series of this exploration of our "states of mind'. I chose to use heads (faces) as they are very compelling symbols. Throughout history, different groups have "defaced" or beheaded works of art for political or cultural reasons. This reveals how powerful putting a face on an idea can be. Each of the heads represents a state of mind. In particular the interaction of the subconscious and the conscious mind. Each piece in this series is an "Encounter" with inner workings of the mind. The paintings and sculptures are meant to be icons of an archetypal world within our minds. I believe this is the conduit which connects us all on a intuitive level, regardless of ones culture, language or history.


"Dohanos’ ceramic art work is both functional and decorative, capable of indoor or outdoor use. She has designed an incredible array of stoneware lanterns, which represent mosques, castles and fantasy buildings. These works have been collectively displayed at several galleries as “City of Lights”. Ms. Dohanos also creates imaginative sculptures, relief tiles, plaques and plates based on mythical themes. Her techniques include Raku firing, underglazing, and enamel painting, with the majority of her assemblages being hand built or wheel thrown. She is currently doing a series of paintings with oil on a variety of mediums, including masonite boards, canvas and ceramics. Most of her works are intuitive in nature, as she explores and researches a number of themes, such as the Holy Grail, ancient cultures and textile design. She studied Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and at Southern Connecticut State University, as well as apprenticing with professional potters.


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Shelly Hart - Illustrator

Shelly Hart is an illustrator living and working in Newtown, CT. Her work has been displayed in Bethel, CT and now at Sticks and Stones Farm's Moss Mountain Cooperative. Her work is often a reflection of her day to day struggles and her character's colorful yet macabre qualities often reflect the dualities in her own life. You can contact Shelly Hart by email at or find her on Facebook as Shelly Hart.

Rosalind Liljengren - Sculptor | Educator

"I fell in love with clay in high school, finding the material much more versatile and satisfying than the mud I used for "pies" in my earliest days. I've had incredible opportunities to grow as a clay artist, working now with stoneware clays, creating functional ware and sculptural pieces. I like to incorporate organic interpretations of classic pottery pieces, highlighting clay's incredible potentials. I see it as a way of personally connecting to God's creation and the earth's bounty. Textural applications and the use of natural colors for glaze are a means of enhancing my pieces, which are thrown on the potter's wheel and hand built. They are my personal "preservations of nature.""


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