We cannot gurantee that your cabin will be ready before 3pm. Feel free to arrive whenever and explore the grounds.

Please be advised we only take cash or check. Breakfast must be paid in cash at the time of service and needs to be reserved ahead of time. Please remember that we are a working farm and have many programs running at the farm. Because we are not a Bed and Breakfast, we will do our best to cater to your needs as much as possible but unfortunately we will sometimes be busy with other farm activities.

Please inform us if anything in the cabin gets broken as soon as possible.  

There are a few fire pits around the property and a communal Rustic Kitchen on the top of the mountain. Please be advised you can only have fires in designated fire pits. The kitchen has a stove, grill, coolers, and running water! Our cabins are clean and simple! When you arrive we will provide you with a map to the top of the mountain and arrange to help get your luggage to your cabin. No private cars are allowed to drive on the mountain so you will be traveling on foot. 

Firewood is available for purchase in the Stone Barn for $2.00 per log.

during the colder season we can start a fire for you ahead of your arrival for $20. 

We do sometimes have private events in our main stone barn so we cannot guarantee that the barn will be open to you. 

Please keep in mind that we cannot have private cars driving on the mountain roads.

We only allow service dogs. 

Other Important Information:

Be sure to bring:

•Good Walking Shoes

•Flashlight or Headlamp For each Person,

•Layered Clothes for Warmth... one never knows!


•Bug repellent,

•Shampoo and Body Wash.  

We have a summer day camp here so during the summer we can have upwards of 60 kids getting dropped off around 9 and picked up at around 3. During the day you would never know that they are here as they explore the woods, collecting plants and making fires, but at the start and end of the day there are a plethora of children laughing and singing around the main barn!



•Organic bio intensive vegetable garden

•54’ Chartre Moss and Stone Labyrinth 

•Zig Zag Moss Walk up the mountain

•Lots of trails throughout the 60 acres,

•State of the art composting toilets and fun outdoor showers, 

•Unique stone sculptures,

•Lookout Faeire Gazebo,

•Two lower ponds off the River and one up atop the mountain, which is spring fed with ice cold water, bring your suit! Please be advised that during times of drought the water level in our ponds may be too low for swimming. 

Guests MUST arrive well before dark. Please take traffic conditions into condition especially on holiday weekends and allow plenty of travel time.

One of our focuses is providing a healthy environment for anyone on our property and thus we are champions of moderation. Please respect the privacy of other guests -- This is NOT a party place!

RUSTIC KITCHEN Area  & Fire Pits
Eco OuT- Houses

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